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An Important Detail: Yucatan is Different

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One of the authors of the "Dropped In" blog, detailing pre-retirement expatriation, and founder of, the Yucatan Expatriate Community. To see more posts by this author, click here.

Every day, friends and relatives write or call, wondering how in the world we can possibly be choosing to stay here, what with the constant beheadings, kidnappings, narco-trafficking, and murder. We’re generally pretty patient; most people who haven’t been here tend to imagine Yucatan in the way Hollywood has taught them to picture the rest of Mexico; dusty streets, tumbleweeds, prostitute-filled saloons, gray-market pharmacies, and men with giant mustaches, talking like Cheech and wearing twin bandoleers across their chests.

Those of us who live here, though, know that Merida has more in common with San Diego, than it does Tijuana. The Mexican government identifies Yucatan as having one of the lowest crime rates anywhere in the country, and because of this, official response to crime comes down fast and hard. The police and military are still VERY much in charge, here, and Yucatecans simply have too much pride in their state to let the problems from the northern parts of the country affect their state.

We pay attention to the local news, read the less sensational US periodicals and most importantly, remain aware of our surroundings. Yes, there were soldiers and armed and guarded checkpoints for a few weeks following the murders in Chichi Suarez. That was a forceful reaction that helped citizens and foreigners alike feel safe, as if the government is keenly on top of the situation and ready to prevent anything further from happening. It sent a message. Yucatan is clean. Yucatan is distinct. In Yucatan we act swiftly and do not tolerate violent acts quietly. We want peace and civility and safety for our children. As do all good citizens everywhere.

We are not authorities on all of Mexico. But we do know what life is like in the small pocket of the country where we are. We will be honest and we can keep you apprised. We will assure you that we are safe when we are and if something were to occur for better or worse we would share the news with our fellow ex-pats, our concerned friends and families back home, potential tourists and anyone who cares to know the truth about the situation in Mexico.

But we need your help, so as not to make generalizations and assumptions. We are here on the ground and know better than a Stateside news outlet. We are part of this place and have an interest in the welfare of the nation and its people. We have a vested interest. Let reasonable voices be heard above the shouting of fear-mongering talking heads.

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