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Apparently, We Aren’t the Only Ones Who Have Noticed…

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I just read an article by Arthur Frommer, the famous travel book writer, who talks about how his daughter stood up to a popular Fox News host about the lies being spread about the dangers of visiting Mexico. You can read that article here:

But then I did as he instructed, and went to and searched on “Mexico”. Oh my goodness… the things that Fox News is reported to be saying about Mexico will make your toes curl.

And this morning, according to the L.A.Times, there is a report about Hilary Clinton’s recent visit to Mexico and Obama’s upcoming visit.

Things certainly are getting interesting….

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  1. expatruminations Says:

    Kudos to Sec. of State Clinton for speaking the truth to reporters during her trip to Mexico.

    “Clearly what we’ve been doing has not worked,” Clinton told reporters on her plane at the start of her two-day trip, saying that U.S. policies on curbing drug use, narcotics shipments and the flow of guns have been ineffective.

    “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade,” she added. “Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the deaths of police, of soldiers and civilians.”

  2. TXfemmom Says:

    The United States needs to legalize marijuana, as I read an article written by the Attorney General of Mexico which reported that fully 60% of the income to the Mexican drug cartels comes from it. Cutting off that much income would go a long way to assisting in the control of it.

    Additionally, our gun laws must be changed, at least to put serious consequences for the straw buyers used to purchase the guns in the United States when the guns are recovered either being smuggled into Mexico or by law enforcement when use in crimes or illegally. I would prefer to see people in the United States have to do more to be able to purchase guns, and assault weapons should be for the military and law enforcement only, but with our gun nuts, I think it will be along, long time before we can ban them.

    The United States must take responsibility for their portion of the problem. However, Mexico is just plain too corrupt. They need to pay and train their police better and make some other basic changes to begin to address this problem.

  3. Karla Says:

    Why don’t you train your police better so they don’t sell them in the US. and Why don’t you watch your children so they don’t do drugs?

  4. Forrest Loftis Says:

    You go Carla !! Why is it always the fault of us “gun nuts” or the US in general ? While we are at it, why hasn’t the wonderful secretary of state done more to close the border to all illegal traffic [including aleins} during her 8 years in the white house with Good Ol Bill ? The audacity to blame “our inability to prevent weapons from crossing our border ” when she has been one of many not allowing that border to be closed. Proves my contention that if politicians are breathing, they are lying or thinking about a lie

  5. cowtownboy Says:

    What on Earth are you babbling about Forest? Secretary Clinton has at least acknowledged something that everyone else wants to ignore. The flow of illegal weapons across the border from the US to Mexico is a huge problem. The Mexican government has taken serious, in fact extreme, steps to curb the power of the cartels, while the US government has thus far done little to stop the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico. I applaud Secretary Clinton for at least taking responsibility for the situation.

    The problem with illegal “aleins” is American employers who knowingly hire illegals. Until serious steps are taken against them by your government all the angry rhetoric in the world is not going to solve the problem. To completely “close” the border would cause economic chaos. It is a question of accommodating legal cross border trade while maintaining security. Again, belligerent rhetoric is not the solution.

  6. Dangers Says:

    Conveniently, the extremist and self righteous in the U.S. forget that we are a Nation of Immigrants that strives for higher purpose with human rights as a priority, much of the same things many of our ancestors came here seeking to find and establish. Blaming legal and illegal immigration has long been a rally point for those stained with the red white and blue, apple pie and Chevrolet.

    Unfortunately, it’s not the first time that groups within the U.S. have looked to blame their social issues on Mexico and her people, especially those migrating here in search of the American Dream which in reality is often every man’s dream, much more than liberty but the basic human need to care for your family in peace with some quality of life without fear of various forms of repression and abuse.

    The fact remains the vast majority of Mexicans coming to the U.S. legally and illegally aren’t drug dealers, aren’t killers, and aren’t criminal sociopaths.
    Their criminality begins with a society that has little tolerance for them when they don’t suit a subservient purpose. Sure, come here (the US), work five months, live in what many Americans would consider squalor, work for wages most Americans wouldn’t, accept doing work most Americans wouldn’t do, in conditions OSHA wouldn’t approve, and go home until next year…and be happy about it.

    Want to educate your children, seek healthcare, seek a better life and you’ve crossed the line of American Hospitality.

    No one denies that Mexico has a part in the border problems, as a nation she has admitted them, the U.S has acknowledged the issue from this side as well, before Secretary Clinton publicly opened many American eyes to the truth recently, during previous administrations. (Though how the spouse of a sitting president was supposed to enact policy and legislation for immigration is beyond me from a logic standpoint.)

    Fortunately there’s another side to this in the U.S, Americans who understand the border issues are a bilateral fight that should be handled by two governments of like mind, seeking a solution, instead of the rhetoric of hate and xenophobia utilizing the border problems to further an agenda that see’s America through rose colored glasses, as long as she is White, Christian, English Speaking and superior to her southern neighbor.


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