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Q&A with a Recent Traveler to Cancun

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Yesterday I had the chance to ask some questions of a recent traveler to Cancun. She and her family were nervous before traveling to Cancun, but came here anyway and ended up having a great time. Here are my questions and her answers:

Why were you nervous about traveling to Cancun?

Stella: I was nervous about traveling to Cancun due to all the media coverage in the US and the travel alert that was in effect. Also, there were a lot of colleges warning their students not to travel to Mexico over spring break.

Why did you decide to come to Cancun and not go somewhere else?

Stella: This was our third trip to Cancun, we love the turquoise water and white sand. In addition, we have gone to other islands over Easter break and have not found the impeccable service that we receive in Cancun.

When you arrived in Cancun what were your first impressions?

Stella: When we first arrived, I felt a little nervous, but as soon as we walked outside and felt the warm sun and saw the palm trees blowing in the wind I actually began to feel at ease. Minutes thereafter we saw our service waiting for us with our name on a board and within 20 minutes we were at the front desk of our hotel.

How long were you in Cancun before you were able to relax and know that you would be safe here?

Stella: I actually felt at ease driving to Le Meridian. Our driver was so nice and kind.

What places did you visit while you were in Cancun? Did you go out and have fun?

Stella: We didn’t do any of the tours, because we have done them all before, we actually just wanted to relax. We did go out every night to a different restaurant and/or mall. We walked some of the time or took a taxi. We had no bad experiences.

Will you come back to Cancun again?

Stella: Yes, we will definitely be back.

What advice would you give other travelers who want to come to Cancun but are nervous?

Stella: I would advise other travelers to read your blog and be well aware of what is going in the country, but also to realize Cancun is some 2300 miles away from all that stuff. When traveling to another country you always need to be informed and aware. As long as you are respectful to the country and their people, I don’t see how you could have a problem. You were right, the only thing we came home with was sunburn.

Thanks again for putting my mind as ease prior to our trip.

Prior to asking the above questions of Stella she and I had an exchange of comments on my blog, I’ve shared that exchange here: Back Safe & Happy From Cancun.

Thank you to Stella for answering my questions and giving me permission to re-post our comment exchange.

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  1. John Smith Says:

    I was just in Playa del Carmen. I’ve written on one other blog about my experience – which probably isn’t a normal one.

    While walking along the main strip (5th) I was a bit drunk. BIT drunk = a bit drunk. I went to an ATM to get some money to head out to the clubs. At the ATM police officers surrounded me and said I was drunk and had to pay a fine. I said I wasn’t doing anything, they demanded I pay a fine right on the spot. I refused, then they actually tied my hands behind my back and put me in their truck, drove me to the police station, and outside of it asked me to pay again. I said I hadn’t done anything wrong. They locked me up with no information as to what I’d done.

    In the morning a judge came to my cell and said I could pay a fine to get out. I said I would pay the fine. I told this judge that I had no information as to what I’d done. She refused to give me any paperwork. I asked for names of the police officers, she said if I asked one more question I would go back in jail. She gave me back my wallet.

    ALL THE MONEY HAD BEEN REMOVED. I lost 4000 pesos that night.

    I was not allowed to make a phone call, let my friends know where i was, or anything. I was not allowed to take down the names or #’s of anyone – this includes the judge who works at the police station. I was threatened with more jail time for asking for this information.

    I obviously spent the rest of my vacation talking to people about crappy cops in playa, and its not unusual for this to happen. All the bars have happy hour, and the police just sit outside on the tourist strip harassing tourists.

    Beware other blogs that are run by the hotel owners. They give a very misleading story.

    And h1n1 is not a problem. I never felt physically threatened or in danger of my life. I simply felt abused and helpless.

    If being drunk is illegal in Playa Del Carmen, they should let people know, shut down all the bars.

    If it is illegal they should give you

  2. Keny Says:

    “If being drunk is illegal in Playa Del Carmen, they should let people know, shut down all the bars.” How stupid this is.
    Another drunk american thinking he can get extremely drunk and be safe. How stupid is this?

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    […] After this exchange of comments I wrote to Stella asking her for permission to re-post our exchange. I also asked her some questions about her fears and her trip to Cancun see: Q&A with a Recent Traveler to Cancun. […]

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